Been told you can't lose weight after 40? Me too. But guess what? Yes you can!

Right now you’re frustrated, and you should be. You’re doing your best: eating healthy & getting exercise in when you can, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

The number on the scale isn’t going down… it’s going up.

PROBLEM: You keep gaining weight and have no idea why. Let me tell you something very, very important: It’s not you. It’s not your lack of commitment or willpower. It’s the ‘healthy’ food that you’re eating plus the time wasted on the wrong type of exercise. You are literally creating the perfect storm of weight gain and you need to stop! You need to GETREAL.

It's Easy to Lose Weight, Right?

Just Eat Less. And Move More.

Wrong! Obesity is not caused by a caloric imbalance, but a hormonal imbalance. Reduce your fat-storing hormone, insulin, and you’ll effortlessly lose excess fat. How do you reduce insulin levels? Simple! By adopting a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, healthy fat lifestyle:



No deprivation. No calorie counting.


After working with hundreds of women over 40 who were desperately trying to lose weight, this is what I know about you:

  • You do your best to eat lightly. You know the more you eat the bigger you get. But you’re really hungry and just don’t have the willpower to be good day in and day out. Especially by about 9 pm.
  • You’ve wasted money on gym memberships, spending what feels like hours on the damn elliptical. It just makes you tired & hungry.
  • You actually hold your breath every time you zip up a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a bit and say a silent prayer that they still do up.
  • You just feel really uncomfortable in your own skin-if you look too closely you don’t recognize yourself, so you avoid mirrors. You also avoid changing in front of anyone else, no matter how non-judgmental they are.

I know how draining it is to spend your life ‘hiding’ in baggy clothes, because I did that for way too long. I spent a small fortune on new clothes convinced if I just found the right outfit my problems would disappear. It didn’t work.

We all have insecurities but weight is one of the hardest to shake. You can’t leave it at home, hide it under makeup or cover it up. It’s always there in plain sight, ready to pop up in the WORST situations (like the change room of your favourite store. We’ve all been there: change room meltdowns are the WORST).

It’s exhausting to keep trying and failing and you get so sick of dieting. You slowly build up layer after layer of indifference. You tell yourself you don’t care (but of course you do).

Because it’s not JUST your weight or your reflection in the mirror. It’s not even how you feel naked. The truth is, aside from the way you LOOK it’s also about the way you FEEL.

You’re exhausted. You feel like crap from the time you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, until you crawl back in at night and try desperately to get to sleep. You LIVE off of coffee & pop (anything with caffeine), hit a complete WALL by 3 o’clock and CONSTANTLY crave food like chocolate, chips, cheese & popcorn.

Your body aches in places you didn’t know existed, while your moods are all over the place and you walk around with a mini pharmacy in your purse (Advil, Zantac, Tums, etc etc etc). You’re also so bloated some mornings that your pants literally won’t do up.

Whenever you try to make a change and start going to the gym, you feel like everyone is judging you for not being in shape. It’s embarrassing, plus it doesn’t work, so you stop going.

Let’s talk. Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Listen, I know you’re telling yourself exactly the opposite but THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

There is NO SHAME in trying to lose weight to feel confident and sexy again.

Hi! I’m Debbie. It’s so nice to meet you! I’m a mom of 3, Holistic Nutritionist and founder of the GETREAL Plan.  I teach women who just want to lose weight (and are sick of all the BS) a simple way to eat that doesn’t involve deprivation or calorie counting or anything else that makes life harder.

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