Hi, I’m Debbie. Founder of The Real Food Formula. After losing my job in the printing industry to downsizing in 2012, I decided to follow my passion. I went back to school to become a registered holistic nutritionist and along the way, I also certified as a personal training specialist.

I work with women 40+ who struggle to lose weight. I will help you shift from a sugar-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism so you can effortlessly go hours without thinking about food and feel energized and focused all day long so it becomes easy to resist that bag of chips while watching TV or those donuts in the staff room at work.

I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight all my life. I know what it’s like to hate looking in the mirror or to have your picture taken. I have the compassion and empathy as well as the knowledge necessary to help you make real changes in your life that you can see and feel. Nothing makes me happier than helping women reach their health and weight loss goals.

My Real Food Formula will teach you how to eat so you can start living your Resilient Empowered Aware Life.

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